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Repair Price List

Repair Price List As of May 01, 2018
Prices are based on 1 1/2hours - if service takes longer, an hourly rate will be added to base rate. Prices do not include GST.

4 Step Sewing Machine Service
Mechanical Machines Base Rate                                                         $95.00
Computerized - Mid Range Machine Base Rate                                  $105.00
Upper End Computerized & Embroidery Machine Base Rate              $129.00
Embroidery Module Base Rate                                                             $60.00

Industrial Machines Base Rate                                                             $100.00

4 Step Serger Service

2, 3, 4 Thread Serger                                                                            $95.00
Add 5 or 8 Thread & Coverhems                                                          $129.00

Hourly Rate                                                                                           $85.00
Pre-Paid Estimate                                                                                 $40.00
Minimum Service & Trouble Shooting Charge                                      $30.00

Service Call Charges
Within Grande Prairie City Limits                                                          $70/hour
Outside of Grande Prairie                                                                     $85/hour
*Plus additional $0.50/km round trip from storefront for out of town*

Scissor Sharpening $10.00/pair
                                                                          (All lengths including pinking shears, no curved snips can be sharpened.)

                           Due to difficulty and unavailability of ordering parts, we will no longer be accepting Husqvarna, Brother or Europro Sewing Machines.

Cotton Candy Quilts & Sewing provides FREE lessons to get to know your machine with EVERY machine bought from us.

Call or email us today for any inquires that you may have.

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