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All Points Patchwork English Paper Piecing by Diane Gilleland

All Points Patchwork: English Paper Piecing beyond the Hexagon for Quilts & Small Projects by Diane Gilleland

The key to perfect patchwork is getting all of the points to match up — which is no easy feat! Set yourself up for success with the rediscovered technique of English paper piecing. Using paper templates to guide your pattern, you can expertly fit your quilting shapes together before you even start sewing. All Points Patchwork takes you far beyond traditional hexagons and accommodates triangles, diamonds, octagons, and even curved shapes. Simple instructions for decorating clothing, bedding, and home decor open up astounding possibilities for quilters of all levels.

About the Author:
Diane Gilleland has been a craft blogger since 2005, and she's never met a craft she didn't like. Well, she's not so hot at knitting, but she'll challenge you to a hand-sewing throwdown any day. Her work has been featured in CRAFT Magazine,, Sew News, and several craft books.

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