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Bernina 590 Sewing Machine

Bernina - 590 E - Sewing Machine

Please call 780-532-2202 for CURRENT price and availability.


590 E

Sewing, Quilting, Embroidery - so easy with the Bernina 590 E!


Sewing space to the right of the needle    8.5” / 215 mm
Color touch screen    4.3” / 10 cm
Automatic presser foot lift    Yes
Automatic presser foot pressure    Yes
Start/stop button (stitching without foot control)    Yes
Sewing tutorial    Yes
Embroidery tutorial    Yes
Maximum stitch width    9

Automatic features save time

  • No manual thread cutting
  • Press a button to lift the foot
  • Press a button to cut your thread

The automatic thread cutter operates three steps in one: cuts the thread, lifts the needle, and raises the presser foot.

Perfection is the new standard

  • No manual trimming on the top side
  • Manage thread cuts easily
  • Invisible Secure for perfect results

Thanks to the Thread Away Mode and Invisible & Smart Secure, clean embroidery results on the top are yours with the B 590 E.

Easy design positioning

  • Position your design easily and exactly
  • No need to use the template anymore
  • Perfect results in short times

Use Pinpoint Placement to position your design precisely: select two points and match them with the markings on the hooped fabric.

Sew quieter, faster, longer, better

  • Achieve perfect stitches fast & quietly
  • Sew longer with the Jumbo bobbin
  • Frontload the bobbin with new thread

The BERNINA Hook keeps the stitches consistent and precise with a maximum speed of 1,000 stitches per minute.

Enjoy full comfort & perfect results

  • Large easy-to-navigate touch screen
  • One click to switch to embroidery mode
  • On-screen support when needed

The Sewing and Embroidery Consultants offer direct on-screen support and answer your questions whenever you need them.

Sew chiffon & leather like a pro

  • Handle all kinds of material with ease
  • Superb fabric feed on top and bottom
  • Excellent for slippery or fine materials

The innovative BERNINA Dual Feed feeds the fabric evenly from above and below. It is easy to engage and tucks away when not in use.

Please call 780-532-2202 for CURRENT price and availability.

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