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The Little Petals Quilt Pattern BY Carolyn Murfitt

The Little Petals Quilt Pattern BY Carolyn Murfitt - Introducing the enchanting “Little Petals Quilt” – a delightful creation that effortlessly marries charm with functionality. This quilt is designed for those who appreciate the beauty of repetition and the joy of crafting something truly special. This pattern is perfect for all types of appliqué methods, machine, raw edge and needle turn. This pattern has the instructions for all three including the quick modern ‘faux’ appliqué method using interfacing to secure the appliqué pieces and then sewn into place by machine. This quilt is a perfect opportunity to make use of cherished fabric scraps. Let your favorite fabrics, whether they’re vibrant batiks or soothing solids, find a harmonious place in this quilt, creating a mosaic of color and texture that tells a unique story. Enjoy the freedom to create in four distinct quilt sizes: See above and refer to the provided cutting chart for precise measurements, ensuring accurate and beautiful results every time. Sewing the appliqué onto the smaller background blocks before piecing is game-changing, it adds a layer of ease and precision making the task of sewing down flowers a breeze. Elevate the artistry of your quilt with the versatility of background fabric selection. The “Little Petals Quilt” embraces your creativity by allowing you to choose between a single fabric or a captivating array of different fabrics for the background. This choice adds another layer of depth and charm to your quilt.

  • Printed Paper Pattern
  • Finished Size: 37½” x 37½”, 52½” x 52½”, 75¿ x 75¿, 90¿ x 90¿
  • Final Product: Quilt
  • Paper Templates Included

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